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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
September 20, 2022

Lead generation is a critical part of every business, but it can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Have you considered using surveys as a part of your lead generation strategy to gather critical data faster? Surveys provide a way for you to generate new leads and gain valuable insights into audience preferences all in one step. Here are five benefits you’ll see from using surveys for lead generation:

You Already Know They’re Invested

Simply taking a moment to fill out a survey is a qualifier for lead generation. Your respondent has indicated that they have at least enough interest in your company or brand to answer a few questions, making any offer in exchange for the survey more valuable because they have worked for it.

Survey Results Offer a Simple Sales Funnel

By using survey results, you can easily prioritize which potential customers are the most likely to convert. By using a few carefully-worded questions in your survey, you’ll have a good idea which respondents are close to making a purchase or fit your ideal customer profile.

You Don’t Waste Anyone’s Time

Survey results also help you see which respondents aren’t a good fit for your brand. You’ll know not to reach out to them and avoid wasting both their time and yours.

Create a Personalized Feeling About Your Brand

When you have a new product scheduled to roll out, a survey is a fantastic way to connect audiences with your announcement and new product launch. For instance, if you ask, “Would you be interested in an early-morning option for strength training?” because you know that your fitness center is about to open up earlier with new training classes, you can use the results to find out which respondents should receive an email announcing your new class. You can capitalize on a “You asked, and we delivered” personalization technique.

Gain Insights

Survey results can help you segment your audience into smaller buckets so that they are receiving highly-personalized content. You’ll find new ways to group leads so that any promotions or blogs are tailored to their preferences.

Before you launch your survey, here are a couple of tips for success:

  • Keep it relatively short. You might get a few people to slog through one long survey, but they may not ever agree to another one if it’s too cumbersome.
  • Sweeten the deal. There’s something inherently attractive about surveys, because it’s satisfying to know someone wants your opinion. But that doesn’t mean it’s always enough; make sure you are offering something in return, such as a discount on a purchase or early access to a valuable bit of content.
  • Make it user-friendly: optimize for mobile, make sure it’s not bogged down by too many graphics and make it easy to navigate.

Surveys are a breeze when you execute them through our all-in-one automated marketing platform. Contact us at DirectMail.io to learn more.

Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
September 20, 2022