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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
September 2, 2021

You’ve developed some ambitious and exciting growth objectives for the year, but what are the steps to get there? A strong lead list can look promising, but time alone won’t deliver the kinds of conversions you need to make your goals.

Here is some insight for how to turn those leads into customers.


Start With Good Data

With accurate and clean data, your lead list will deliver better conversion rates. You can use it to segment your audience into categories, such as by income levels, age ranges, or interests, and then create videos, blogs, or social media posts designed exactly for them.

When your content is customized, you begin to build trust between you and your lead. They see that you understand and appreciate the needs they have.

Focus on Value and Problem-Solving

You want to start building a relationship with your leads so that they begin to trust your opinion and expertise. That is never going to happen if every social media post, blog, and video is focused mainly on telling them how great your brand is.

Instead, stand out in the noise by being the brand that understands their challenges and needs. Provide solutions to common problems or offer tips on how to streamline a process in your industry. When you add value, you’ll grow your relationships with leads.

Follow the Journey

A lead that just discovered your brand in an initial search for a product similar to yours needs different information about you than a lead that is nearing decision time.

Prepare different types of content for different stages of the buyer’s journey. You may want to have an introductory video on your site that simply says, “We’re glad you’re here,” while a lead that’s nearing a decision may appreciate a comparison infographic that looks at your product versus others in your price range.

Once the lead becomes a customer, encourage repeat sales by offering how-to videos or tips on little-known functions for your product.

Keep in Touch—But Not Too Much

Have you ever made a one-time purchase and then noticed that your email inbox was simply stuffed with messages from that brand? Some companies are pretty terrible at matching their contact frequency with the customer’s interest level.

Follow up with leads by sending regular content, but be sure that the frequency is aligned with how often they interact with your brand.

Try Automation

Nurturing leads is a complex and time-consuming process, but some parts of it can be streamlined. Automating at least some of the activities around nurturing a lead can help you connect more fully with personal interactions.

When a customer views a particular product line, you can automatically send a promotion link or thank them for stopping by with an email. You can also generate an email that includes a video describing the problems your product can solve.

Automation makes it easy to nurture leads at the right frequency level and delivering content that matches the stage of the buyer’s journey.

DirectMail.io offers an automated marketing platform, a “marketing in a box” solution that makes nurturing leads, gathering quality data and targeting audiences easy so you can get back to running your company. Contact us to learn more.

Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
September 2, 2021