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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
March 24, 2020

Dealers that want targeted marketing campaigns face critical challenges in collecting, managing, and interpreting data.

Forced to piece together data from a variety of sources, it can be difficult to interpret whether a campaign is successful or if resources were well-spent. This lack of sophistication in collecting and accessing data results in not only poor understanding of the return on investment, but a lack of clarity in making future decisions about how to connect with potential customers.

Painful Data Points

Silos of redundant information. Lack of transparency. Wasted postage and printing costs. Missed opportunities.

Marketing campaigns are commonly missing the mark in their failure to provide the following:

  • Dashboards to properly leverage the right response channel
  • Automation features that send appointment reminders via email, SMS and voice
  • Lead scoring and enhancement


Making the Most of Opportunities

DirectMail.io offers something different.

With DirectMail.io, you’ll see a better return on your investment when artificial intelligence is integrated into your direct mail campaigns to fuel predictive analytics. This happens through the analysis of millions of data points to isolate trends and help you predict how to match the best products to the right audience.

Each piece is tracked in DirectMail.io from the initial postal delivery, to the customer response, and finally to their car purchase. As they move through the process, your customer enjoys a consistent experience with your brand.

Meanwhile, DirectMail.io is optimizing these leads as they visit your landing pages, capturing their email address, mobile number, in-the-market scores, credit scores, and more. 

This information allows you to connect with your leads via sophisticated reminders through email, voice and SMS, so that you are counting more closed sales. There’s also a full integration with your CRM and a 24/7 call center for assistance.

Take a look at some of the key benefits you’ll see in specific areas:


DirectMail.io offers an integration with Amazon Alexa, creating new opportunities in your marketing efforts. Designed specifically for DirectMail.io clients, this is pioneering of a new technology for targeted marketing efforts.


All of your inbound and outbound SMS messages are channeled through DirectMail.io, so that marketing outreaches transition directly into one-on-one conversations with potential customers. While other marketing tools may offer SMS, DirectMail.io is the only SMS provider for mass marketing approved for TCPA Compliance because of its unique scalable infrastructure. Other tools may be either compliant but not scalable, or scalable but not compliant. For DirectMail.io clients, there are no limits to SMS capabilities.

Facebook Integration

With DirectMail.io, you can create and deploy Facebook ads using customer lists as well as matched audiences in order to boost your social media marketing reach. The effect is a continuous feed of relevant ads to customers that receive a marketing message through other channels.

Want to know more about how DirectMail.io makes the most of your marketing budget through targeted campaigns? More than 11 thousand campaigns and one billion pieces of auto direct mail have been printed and mailed using DirectMail.io. Contact us today to get started.


Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
March 24, 2020