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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
April 12, 2022

You’ve washed the windows and wiped down baseboards. You’ve even pulled out the fridge and cleaned the coils. But spring cleaning can never be complete without doing a bit of cleanup around your marketing strategy.

Why Now is a Good Time...

You’re one quarter into the year, and your ability to refine and adjust your strategy is at its best as you enter Quarter 2. There’s been enough time to see what’s working and what’s not and make confident adjustments based on solid data. If you decided to try something new this year, this is your first opportunity to know whether it was a good investment. This gives you the ability to do several important things:

  • Assess your return on investment in various parts of your marketing strategy.
  • Discontinue activities that are not delivering any benefit.
  • In areas that are showing some degree of success, make adjustments to maximize the impact.
  • Identify any gaps or oversights before you are far into the year.

Determine Progress versus Goals

Assuming your marketing execution plan was based on a set of measurable goals, you are now at the point where you can determine whether your techniques are delivering results. You can compile progress notes in a variety of ways by determining the sales value derived from:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Ads
  • Telemarketing
  • Traditional marketing (such as a direct mail campaign or radio ads)
  • SEO

You can also determine the number of leads generated from each marketing technique you used and then compare that to the investment you’ve made in that technique. You may also want to track the number of meetings scheduled as a result of these marketing investments.

Examine Marketing Activity

Some types of marketing investment can be challenging to review on a simple return on investment, because they are designed to build awareness, not directly and immediately impact sales. A few metrics you’ll want to examine:

  • The number of visitors to your website each month.
  • Contacts added to your email marketing subscription list.
  • Click-throughs to website from email newsletters and social media.
  • Number of new pages added to website from blog posting, video, etc.

Many companies take a trial-and-error, or throw-something-out-there-and-see-what-sticks approach to marketing, but these may remind you a bit of playing darts with a blindfold: you feel like you’re doing something, but it’s unlikely to get you a win.

To learn more about taking a strategic approach to marketing or for help with your spring cleaning, contact us at DirectMail.io. You can also take a look at our all-in-one automated marketing platform designed to streamline your marketing activities and make measuring your success the easiest spring cleaning you’ve ever done.


Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
April 12, 2022