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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
November 9, 2022

It’s common for a content marketing strategy to take off with a lot of momentum, only to quickly fizzle after just a few months. It happens because teams start to sputter and then give up as their list of ideas grows thin. Are you afraid of repetition or becoming a bore?

How can you keep a steady stream of ideas funneling for your content?

Content ideas often come in fits and starts, rather than a stream, but it helps if you know a few unexpected sources where you can start making your list:

Brainstorming Sessions

It’s not that brainstorming sessions are all that unusual; what’s unusual is a team that returns to brainstorming when ideas start drying up. If you went through a session before launching your marketing strategy, you know how effective it is to get a few people around a pizza and churning out whatever pops in their heads.

Repurpose Content

It might be a case study that you want to discuss, or a social media post that turned into a comment conversation. You might have a video that could be great in a blog format. Some teams are reluctant to give the impression that they are repetitive, but it’s likely that your short-form video is going to attract a completely different audience than a blog.

Conversations with Clients

Gather up your sales representatives and ask them what the buzz is on the street. Take a look at your social media posts to see what stirred up conversation among clients. Contact a few clients and see if you can interview them. Whether it leads to a complete client profile or case study or it simply gets your wheels turning for topics, your clients can be a great resource.

Look Around

Take some time to surf and scroll, observing the types of conversations that are happening in your industry and among competitors. To encourage yourself to think completely outside the box, think about cruising the websites of brands completely outside your industry. See if it sparks any new ideas.

What’s Challenging You?

Your ideas for content might come from within your own experience. Thinking about pain points that you’re experiencing may help you come up with topics that bring value to your audience.

Coming up with content ideas isn’t the only demanding aspect of a solid marketing strategy. We're pushing out content on all of our social media channels as well as in podcast form. Be sure to "jump into the box" as another great resource for your content. Easily find all of our socials here.

Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
November 9, 2022