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Marketing Tips & Strategies

Is A Little More Spring Cleaning Needed?

Marketing in the 21st century relies heavily on solid data. From email marketing to social media, your ability to reach...

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Spring Cleaning For Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve washed the windows and wiped down baseboards. You’ve even pulled out the fridge and cleaned the coils. But...

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When “Good” Marketing Fails

You’re investing in digital marketing, engaging with your target market via emails and even recording a few videos....

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Will Apple’s Opt-Out Privacy Policy Hurt Small Businesses?

Apple’s Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg have had horns locked for months. It’s all over a new policy introduced...

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6 Parts Of A Solid Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to be tricked into thinking that marketing is only a creative, artistic endeavor. Conversations around design...

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Four Reasons Quality Data Is Central to Effective Marketing

You’ve heard that companies are mining data to create better and more cost-effective marketing strategies, but you may...

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The Difference Between Analysis and Accountability in Marketing

Every month, you receive your marketing data. It tells you how many people liked your posts, how many new subscribers...

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