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Marketing Tips & Strategies

5 Ways to Turn Leads Into Customers

You’ve developed some ambitious and exciting growth objectives for the year, but what are the steps to get there? A...

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7 Benefits of Email Automation Workflows

A lot of marketing takes time: coming up with creative strategies, developing content, and digging deep to understand...

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Four Ways Marketing is Changing in 2020

The smartphone is overtaking the television among young adults, with smartphone use outpacing TV by about four hours...

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How COVID-19 Poked Holes in AI Technology

While people began using the phrase “the new normal” early on in the pandemic, those early months presented a struggle...

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Multichannel Versus Omnichannel Marketing

You may have heard multichannel and omnichannel marketing used interchangeably, and you may have even used the terms...

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Get More From Your Marketing Dollars With DirectMail.io

Dealers that want targeted marketing campaigns face critical challenges in collecting, managing, and interpreting data.

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How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?

When it comes to budgeting, marketing may top the list for the most difficult. How much should you spend? If you’re a...

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Marketing Technology in 2020: New Trends and Potential Pitfalls

Is your marketing company staying up with the latest trends?

The last decade has upended how marketing gets done.


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SMS: A Text Voters Can't Resist

Short message service (SMS) burst onto the political scene in 2012, equipping Barack Obama’s campaign so handily that...

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