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Marketing Tips & Strategies

Video Marketing Is More Important Than Ever for Your Brand

There are so many things to love about video marketing: it’s easy to share, it gives you an opportunity to really...

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Feeling Skittish Planning Your 2021 Marketing Strategy?

Many of the best and brightest 2020 marketing plans were derailed by COVID-19, and companies were forced to pivot...

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Four Ways Marketing is Changing in 2020

The smartphone is overtaking the television among young adults, with smartphone use outpacing TV by about four hours...

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Your COVID-Proof 2020 Holiday Marketing Guide

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has created a few changes in shopping habits this year. For instance, new research reveals...

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How COVID-19 Poked Holes in AI Technology

While people began using the phrase “the new normal” early on in the pandemic, those early months presented a struggle...

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Three Ways COVID-19 Is Changing Car Sales

The Edmunds 2020 Automotive Industry Trends Report predicted a sixth straight year of sales over $17 million in the...

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How and Why You Should Invest in Marketing Now

It was almost instantaneous. In a matter of hours, your entire marketing campaign was all wrong for the moment. Every...

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Marketing In A Tough Economy: Looking To The Past For Guidance

After 11 years of expansion, the economy is officially in a recession, as defined by the National Bureau of Economic...

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Working as a Team in Quarantine

Reflection on the Quarantine with my Quaran-Team!

The new normal still feels weird. A Lot of us never asked, or wanted...

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