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Marketing Tips & Strategies

8 Ways To Keep Your Emails From Ending Up In The Trash

Email is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It’s easy to personalize, there are no character limits...

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What Is Geotargeting And Can You Use It?

You may have heard of geotargeting. It’s a hot topic, most recently connected with deciphering how fraudulent voting...

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Can Branding Make Pizza Taste Different?

Recently, a woman with a “shop local” mindset ordered a pizza from what she believed was a Philadelphia-based shop....

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DirectMail.io Receives Prestigious Award From United States Postal Service

DirectMail.io was selected as a recipient of the Mailing & Digital Innovation Award for the Southern Area. This...

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Now Is A Good Time Not To Cut Your Marketing Budget

You’ve heard the predictions: inflation and rising interest rates are cooking up a stout recession. While everyone...

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Is A Little More Spring Cleaning Needed?

Marketing in the 21st century relies heavily on solid data. From email marketing to social media, your ability to reach...

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Why Your Logo Matters

Whether you’re about to launch a new business or trying to rebrand an existing one, you’re probably spending time...

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How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

Is there a magic number for how often you should post on social media?

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