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Marketing Tips & Strategies

Hate writing content? What about a content generator?

You know the value of content marketing: it helps build your reputation for expertise, engages your audience, improves...

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5 Reasons Video Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Most people don’t want to admit to binge-watching YouTube, or that they spent more time scrolling on their phones in...

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Will You Be Ready When TikTok Overtakes Facebook?

It’s far from being the first social media platform, and it certainly won’t be the last, but there’s something about...

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How to NOT build the "trust" factor

What are some common mistakes businesses make when trying to build the "trust" factor?

When trying to build a...

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Let's Talk About Seasonal Marketing

In order to successfully engage in seasonal marketing, you have to begin with accurate data. Seasonal marketing doesn’t...

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Does The Placebo Effect Work In Marketing?

Everyone prefers to think of themselves as a savvy shopper, that most of the time they are getting the better end of...

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These Companies Might Say A Recession Is The Perfect Time To Start A Business

Whether it’s the unsettling sight of seeing your IRA plummet or the near-constant buzz from pundits predicting economic...

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What Message Is Your Logo Color Sending?

If you’re in the midst of a logo design, whether it’s a brand-new company or you’re ready for an update, you’re...

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Surprising Places To Find Ideas For Your Content

It’s common for a content marketing strategy to take off with a lot of momentum, only to quickly fizzle after just a...

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