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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
October 11, 2022

Every person is unique, but when you look at successful business owners, there tend to be a few traits that are common among all of them. Each will use that trait in a different way to equip a company to thrive. Let’s take a look at five of them:


It’s important that a business owner feel a deep commitment to the business they are starting and have a vision for what their business can do for other people. This passion helps them hold that vision above other circumstances, keeping them from losing sight of the end goal when circumstances become challenging.

Strong Work Ethic

When you think of success, you may pair it with the trappings of accomplishment, such as luxury vacations or expensive belongings. What’s behind those signs of success is likely long hours spent working hard in the early days of the business. A strong work ethic enables the effort required to get started and helps sustain the business through difficulties.


A good leader isn’t stuck in their own way of doing things; they hire people that bring bigger and better ideas to the business and allow them to be implemented. A successful business owner won’t get bogged down in needing every idea to be their own or in a reluctance to try new things. Adaptability to new ideas helps business owners incorporate what’s best for their business.


Business owners have to be open to the idea of some level of risk. Whether it’s improving a popular product, investing in a new business division or making an acquisition, the best business owners have the ability to assess a decision and decide whether the risk is a good one.


Every business is going to encounter setbacks, and the successful business owner will keep their eyes on their vision for the company in a way that minimizes the challenging circumstances. Owning a business is a bumpy ride, with a lot of frustrations along the way, but a persevering business owner will learn to thrive even in uncertainty.

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Mike Paine
by Mike Paine
October 11, 2022

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